Spray tan

  • Full body - £20
  • Legs only - £10

SiennaX is a truly delectable product which will make your skin look and feel radiant. Beautifully fragranced, paraben and alcohol free.

Pre tan advice: Wax at least 48 hours before tan is applied, exfoliate at least 24 hours before tan is applied, and on the day of the tan do not apply any moisturisers or deodorants. We recommend SiennaX exfoliator/moisturiser. Post tan advice: Wear loose dark clothing, do not exercise or swim during development time, do not shower or bathe at least 8 hours after the tan is applied.


Application of Makeup or lesson - £25

Application of Makeup plus trial - £40

Application of Makeup plus Cluster Lashes - £35

Wedding makeup (Out of salon service available) - please call for information and charges.